London to Harare Flights this is For You?


Every airline has low flight rates on some specific days like Tuesday is the reasonable day to fly to Harare from London. From Johannesburg to Harare, people can experience the cheap flight to Harare rate of $450 on a non-stop direct flight. Many airlines offer special deals to Zimbabweans on returning to their home country in holiday seasons.

You can also follow some useful tips to get cheap flight rates to Harare. According to travel estimates, January is the best time to beat the crowd and spend less money. Purchase the holiday tickets to Harare in advance. Choose evening flights over morning as the morning departures are much more expensive. Also, book your ticket one week before the takeoff to get the below-average price.

Harare possesses rich history, magnificent nature, and fascinating wildlife which increases the tourism and every airline contributes to making the traveling memorable by providing different offers. 

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8 things you must try on your first visit to Harare

Every person who leads an active life and works five days a week needs some time to rest and enjoy life to freshen up for the routine life that is full of stress. The best way to relax and freshen up for your busy routine is to travel to some other country on an adventurous trip where you can explore the natural beauty of nature, see parks and wild life and shop as much as you like. If you have been looking for a chance to visit some African country where you could enjoy your trip and relax, the best place to plan a visit to is Harare, Zimbabwe. There are several amazing things in Zimbabwe that cannot be found anywhere else across the globe. If you like to explore an African country the best country to visit is Harare.

  1. Visit Lake Chivero and enjoy skiing.

Formerly called Lake Mcllwaine is Lake Chivero which is one of the main attractions of Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe. If you know how to ski and like doing it you must visit Lake Chivero, Harare. The lake Chivero is situated at southwest side of Harare and provides the main water supply for Harare. It took two and a half years to build the lake, the wall of its dam is 400 meters long. The water of Lake Chivero is also used for commercial fishing as well as irrigation purposes. The fish that is found in the lake include grass carp and tiger- fish, Black-bream and Yellow-fish.

  1. Don’t forget to visit wild is life

All the tourists who have a love for animals and likes to see the animals roam about openly in a park a visit to wild is life is a must. The visitors who visit the park wild is life get a chance to have a closer look at the beautiful creatures of God. They dare to face the wild a ferocious animals like Cheetahs, monkeys, kudus, pangolins, lions and giraffes  throughout the time you spend in exploration in the sanctuary. The place is very famous for rehabilitation and protection of orphaned and rescued animals. It is the second out of 8 things you must try on your first visit to Harare.

  1. For the big eaters a visit to Butcher’s Kitchen is a must

For all those who don’t like eating vegetables The Butcher’s Kitchen is a blessing as it has a variety of meat recipes to try. There are a lot of sumptuous recipes offered at the Butcher’s Kitchen in Sam Levis Village. The tourists will love the long list of meat recipes to choose from. The expert chefs are trained to serve you with perfection.

  1. Thetford game reserve

If you really want to enjoy your trip to Harare you can plan a guided trip to Thetford Game Reserve, which is a 40 minutes’ drive from Harare. This game reserve is located in a valley called Mazowe valley that gives you a chance to explore a variety of wildlife and a variety of bird species.

5.Enjoy horseback riding at Mukuvisi Woodland

Mukuvisi Woodland is a very beautiful location that is located just 30 minutes’ drive outside     the city of Harare. You can enjoy various walks in the lush green park and get a chance to encounter interesting animals like elephants, rhinos and giraffes. The tourists who like riding should not miss the chance of a long visit to Mukuvisi woodland as it has vast lush green place for your joy of riding a horseback. It is one of the 8 things you must try on your first visit to Harare.

6.The shoppers’ paradise called Sam Levy’s Village

Among the 8 things you must try on your first visit to Harare is one place that can be called a shoppers or diners spot. If you belong to that groups of people who live to shop, Sam Levy’s Village is the best place to visit. It is not only a shopping hub it has many other things that include dining areas, restaurants, night clubs and many other shops where everything is available for the shoppers to purchase whatever they like. There are thousands of people who like to spend their nights drinking and dancing, and in the city of Harare there is no other place more suitable for such people than the night clubs in Sam Levy’s Village. It is a market or a shopping mall that is designed in a way that it depicts a European village that has paved paths for good walks. The shopping stores have everything that a tourist might want to buy.

7.The amazing sculpture park

The people who visit Harare for recreational purposes should definitely plan a trip to Chapungu Sculpture Park that covers the area of 20 acres of land. It is located on the suburban areas of the City of Harare. It is the best place that promotes the art of stone sculpture of the country we call Zimbabwe. The sculpture park is famous across the globe and the tourists that visit the place include many artists who are interested in the art of sculpting.

8.The Darwendale Dam is a must visit

You can enjoy your vacation to Harare if you go the right places that serve the recreational purposes the best. You should visit the utterly beautiful scenes of nature here you can relax to your contentment or sit back quietly and do fishing. The dam contains a fish known as bass and can savor its is the finest fishing spot that is located almost 70 kilometers outside of the city of Harare. The largemouth bass fish can be caught by an expert in fishing, this fish weights more than 8kg.

If you really want to explore the beautiful city of Harare the first step that you should take is to arrange for an affordable flight to Zimbabwe, Harare. Before booking a flight you should first compare the prices of different airlines so that you could make a fair deal.

cheap flights to Harare – Flightspedia

egypt-flightspediaNo matter if you are planning to visit Harare for a business meeting or you want to see the attractive destinations of the City famous for its lush green parks ,wildlife and sculptures,the first thing that will automatically come into your mind is to look for cheap flights to HarareTo visit the Rutherford game reserve you will have to go to Harare. Thousands of people love animals and want to have a closer look at the ferocious animals that are kept in cages in most of the countries. They want to feel the thrill and excitement of looking at the most dangerous animals roaming about in open areas like Wild is Life. For all those tourists who have a passion for riding in places that are closer to nature the best place to visit is Mukuvisi Woodlands.

There are some things that the people from London should keep in mind when they visit Harare, when you go for outing to safari parks or museums in Harare you should first find out about the timings when these places are open for the visitors. You should take water and hats with you as for people living in countries with cold weather, the tropical climate of Harare might feel hot.